What women don’t like about giving head

To be a good blowjob recipient, it can help if you try to understand what makes it better or harder for her to give you head. If you know what she loves about giving you head and what her main complaints are, you can help alleviate those concerns and problems, making it better for her and better for you too!

Probably the number one complaint women have about giving head is the aesthetics of putting your cock in their face. Namely, the smell and the taste are not so nice. 

Keep Your Junk Clean

There is such an easy solution to this that it is a wonder it is a problem at all. Guys, keep your cock clean. If you keep your pubic thatch in-tact, make sure you are soaping up and thoroughly washing every time you take a shower. If it is possible, shower daily or twice daily to keep everything fresh. If you keep your pubic hair trimmed or shaved, which a lot of people prefer and does make it easier to give head, also be sure to keep clean and make sure you are shaving regularly. Once every few days to once a week is plenty. If you are considering trimming/shaving, it is recommended! Body odour bacteria seem to thrive in pubic hair, so shaving will not only make it easier for the person giving you head but also make it less smelly for them.

If you are lucky enough to still have your foreskin, be sure to pull is back and wash everywhere. Pull your foreskin right back so there is no skin folded over anything else and wash it with a soapy cloth to remove dead skin building up and any trace of smegma building up. Though smegma is great for penis health, sadly it is smelly and tastes awful so keep that area clean. Also be sure to turn your cock upside down to get that area around where the foreskin form a fraenulum (that delicate stretch of skin) and joins to the V of the coronal ridge. This area has a few folds of skin where smegma can escape notice, so be vigilant.

If you are circumcised, still be sure to wash thoroughly. Being circumcised is no excuse to let your personal hygiene lapse. You cock and crotch gets smelly too! Soap and water and a wash cloth are enough to keep you clean and inviting for your lover.

And if you have been sitting and sweating a little all day then suddenly you realise a blowjob is coming your way, nipping to the bathroom to quickly freshen up is not anything to be ashamed of. Your lover will appreciate you for it.

Hurry Up and Come, Please

The other number one complaint women have about giving head is that their jaw get tired. Here are a few tips for her to try to stop her jaw getting tired but what this complaint is linked to is that guys take too long in coming. It’s an understandable catch 22 – you probably don’t want to come so quickly because it feels so good getting there but the longer you last the less enjoyable it becomes for her (as her jaw becomes more and more tired) and if she doesn’t give up and does eventually gets you to come, it won’t be an experience she will want to repeat again anytime soon.

Learning to come quickly from a blowjob is a good skill. And it is a skill and it is something you have to learn. Read more about the difference between active and passive orgasms and letting her bring you more quickly to orgasm from a blowjob.

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